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Lorbrand Composite Rollers are the next generation in composite conveyor rollers designed to provide high performance and durability, whilst weighing up to 60% less than conventional steel rollers.

Lorbrand has been manufacturing steel rollers and conveyor pulleys in South Africa for 30 years. Combining this proven track record with cutting edge polymer technology has led to the introduction of Lorbrand Composite Rollers.

Unlike other composite rollers, Lorbrand Composite Rollers are available in a range of materials including Nylon, HDPE, and the new FRZ material approved for use in underground applications.

Unlike our competitors rollers which use press in end caps, the Lorbrand Composite Rollers are the only composite roller with a friction welded end cap. The friction welding process binds the housing to the shell, effectively welding the shell together, increasing the structural integrity of the roller and eliminating a common failure point on existing composite rollers in the market today.

Lorbrand Composite Roller Key Features

  • Friction Welded End Caps
  • Bearings range from 6205 – 6312
  • Hollow shaft options for rollers with face lenghts of 600-1700mm
  • Complete range of roller sizes from 89-219mm in diameter
  • Energy efficient (low breakaway mass)
  • High quality 2RS or 2ZZ bearings
  • Low noise Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and CEMA specifications.

Operational Benefits 

  • Up to five times longer operational life over steel rolls.
  • Substantial reduction in system power requirements.
  • Ave 10dB drop in sound emissions over steel rolls.
  • Longevity of composite rolls will dramatically improve
  • Conveyor uptime and productivity.
  • Smart component configuration has improved overall
  • operational performance over competitive rolls.

  Financial Benefits 

  • Reduction in work related injuries, cost of spares, conveyor damage and downtime.
  • Electricity usage savings.
  • Reduction in noise violations.

For further information download our product brochure – Lorbrand Composite Rolls

  • Iron Ore
  • Overland Conveyor
  • Iron Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Impact Zone
  • Coal

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