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Conveyor Belting

Lorbrand offers an extensive range of conveyor belting that meets Australian and global standards.

Used extensively throughout Australia, our conveyor belting is proven to be durable and reliable across a wide range of applications. 

Our manufacturing partners are some of the world’s leaders in rubber production with customers including Samsung, Hyundai, Caterpillar and John Deere. All supplies meet and exceed AS, BV, DIN and ISO standards. 

Conveyor Belt Product Range

Fabric Ply Belt

Fabric Ply conveyor belt is suitable for nearly all applications.

Our fabric conveyor belting is manufactured using PN/EP synthetic woven fabric for belt sizes from 300-2200mm wide.

Key features

  • Multiply construction
  • Standard or Abrasion Resistance covers
  • Weft designs for better rip, tear, and impact resistance, as well as better mechanical fastener holding
  • Available on steel cores, racetrack reels or full steel reels.
Steel Cord

Full range of steel cord conveyor belt from ST500~ST5000 (kN/m) up to 2200mm wide, suitable for high load and speed applications.

Key Features

  • Available with rip detector loops
  • Supplied on steel cores, full steel reels or cassette/racetrack reels
  • Various cover options, including Low Rolling Resistant.
Cut Resistant

Fabric & steel reinforced conveyor belting, which provides improved tear strength and cutting resistance or breaker ply’s.

Key Features

  • Available with rip detector loops. 
  • Supplied on steel cores, full steel reels or cassette/racetrack reels. 
  • Various cover options. 
Crow Foot Weave

Crow Foot Weave Conveyor Belts are suitable to high impact, load and abrasive environments. 

Available in CFW260-500 fabrics and belt widths up to 2200mm. 

Key Features

  • Suitable for extreme conveying environments. 
  • High rip & tear resistance
  • Various cover options
Special Belts

We have a full range of specialty conveyor belts, in belt widths up to 2200mm.

Our specialty belts including but not limited to the following,

  • Chemical and oil resistant,
  • Chevron
  • FRAS belts
  • Sidewall belts
  • Slinger belts
  • Cleated belts
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