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Conveyor Guarding

Lorbrand Australia HDPE conveyor guarding is designed in accordance with Australian standard requirements of AS4024.3610, AS4024.3611, AS4024.3612 & AS4024.1 Designed to be fitted along a conveyor system to minimise the risk of contact with the conveyor during operation, HDPE guarding is lightweight, corrosion and chemical resistant, maintenance friendly. All composite conveyor guarding is 100% recyclable.
Available Sizes

Our HDPE conveyor come in the various sizes and are supplied either as individual panels to retrofit into existing installations. 

Or as a complete kit with supporting posts or structure. 

All HDPE guarding is supplied in yellow to comply with Australian standards, however can be supplied in custom colours if required. 

Conveyor Guards Product Range

HDPE Conveyor Guarding
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