Radomiro Tomic

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The Radomiro Tomic mine (Codelco Norte) is open pit mine that extracts oxide minerals at 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) above sea level in the Andes mountains in northern Chile’s Antofagasta Region.

Since 1995 Lorbrand have supplied components for a number of overland and in plant conveyors, and today are one of the largest suppliers of conveyor components to the Radomiro Tomic operations.

Key Overland Conveyor Statistics

  • 17km of Overland Conveyors
  • Capacity: 8000 Tph
  • Belt Width: 1600mm
  • Belt Speed: 6.5 m/s

Equipment Supplied

  • Conveyor idlers & pulleys
  • Overland trestles

Since completing the Radomiro Tomic conveyors, Lorbrand now supply a number of Coldelco’s Chilean operations for in plant and overland conveyor components.

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