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    CleanScrape® Belt Cleaners, the newest and most effective belt cleaner to be released in the Australian market.

    Designed and manufactured in Germany, CleanScrape® belt cleaners have challenged the traditional belt cleaner to deliver a revolutionary product which requires minimal maintenance while delivering up to 95% cleaning efficiency.

    Across Australia CleanScrape® belt cleaners have already saved bulk materials handling applications thousands on reduced maintenance and equipment costs and in some instances eliminating carry back on belts altogether.

    With installations across nearly all major commodities, the CleanScrape® has proven itself to reduce maintenance costs, downtime and improve cleaning efficiency, to view the CleanScrape® in action in visit our YouTube Channel or download our Product Brochure

    Primary belt cleaner

    CleanScrape® is a primary cleaner which is installed diagonally across the discharge pulley and forms a three dimensional curve. The cleaner has a matrix of tungsten carbide scrapers incorporated into the main rubber body during the vulcanisation process. It is tensioned against the belt at an extremely low contact pressure. Due to its excellent cleaning performance, in many applications, the CleanScrape® belt cleaner often avoids the need for a secondary cleaner.




    • Cleaning performance between 85% and 95% depending on material
    • Low wear to the belt
    • Suitable for all belt speeds with all types of mechanical joints
    • Perfect solution for tight installation spaces
    • Simple installation
    • Suitable for reversing belts
    • Cleanscrape Primary Blade
    • Cleanscrape Mineral Sands
    • Cleanscrape
    • Cleanscrape Alumina
    • Cleanscrape Hard rock
    • Cleanscrape Alumina
    * CleanScrape® belt cleaners are manufactured by Martin Engineering.

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