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    Composite Conveyor Rollers: High performance and durability at up to 60% less weight than steel rollers.

    Composite Conveyor Rollers are available in a range of materials including GFHDPE, DUAL LAYER GFHDPE, CF-HDPE, UHMWPE, ECO-HDPE, FLAME RESISTANT and FRAS material approved for use in underground* applications.

    Unlike our competitors rollers which use press in end caps, our Composite Rollers have a friction welded end cap. The friction welding process binds the housing to the shell, effectively welding the shell together, increasing the structural integrity of the conveyor roller and eliminating a common failure point on existing composite conveyor rollers in the market today.

    Composite Conveyor Roller Key Features

    • Friction Welded End Caps
    • Bearings range from 6205 – 6312
    • Hollow shaft options for rollers with face lengths of 600mm+
    • Complete range of roller sizes from 89-250mm in diameter
    • Energy efficient (low breakaway mass & running friction)
    • High quality 2RS or 2ZZ bearings
    • Exceptional balance – ISO21940 G16
    • Range of composite materials to suit a range of applications.
    • Low noise Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and CEMA specifications.

    Composite Conveyor Rollers

    Operational Benefits 

    • Up to five times longer operational life over steel rolls.
    • Substantial reduction in system power requirements.
    • Ave 10dB drop in sound emissions over steel rolls.
    • Longevity of composite rolls will dramatically improve conveyor uptime and productivity.
    • Smart component configuration has improved overall operational performance over competitor conveyor rolls.

      Financial Benefits 

    • Reduction in work related injuries, cost of spares, conveyor damage and downtime.
    • Electricity usage savings.
    • Reduction in noise violations.

    For further information download our product brochure – Composite Conveyor Rollers or Idler Selection Chart

    • Composite Conveyor Idlers Transfer Zone
    • UHMWPE Composite Conveyor Rollers
      UHMWPE Rolls Iron Ore
    • Composite Conveyor Idlers Primary Crusher
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers
      Base Composite Rolls
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers Impact Zone
      Impact Zone
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers
      Iron Ore
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers 13000 TPH Iron Ore Belts
      Train Load Out Conveyor
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers
      Iron Ore
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers Salt Mining
      Overland Conveyor
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers
      Iron Ore
    • Composite Conveyor Rollers
      Salt Conveyors
    • UHMWPE Return Roll Gold Mine
    • 13000 TPH Iron Ore Conveyors
      Iron Ore Yard Conveyors
    * Approved for underground use in North America
    * Lorbrand Australia Composite Conveyor Rollers are manufactured by CCR.

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