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    Lorbrand supplies a complete range of conveyor belt lifters and lifting beams.

    Purpose built and designed to perform across all bulk materials applications, our conveyor belt lifters perform in the harshest environments and operating conditions.

    Our conveyor belt lifters and beams are made of aluminium to minimise weight and maximise strength, a summary of each conveyor belt lifter is outlined below;

    Hydraulic Conveyor Belt Lifters

    • Hydraulic conveyor belt lifters are available in three models offering 1T, 1.5T or 2T capacity
    • Suitable for a range of conveyor belts between 900mm to 2500mm that are near flat and up to 50˚ trough angle.
    • Effortlessly raises the belt in 30 to 45 seconds with minimal user interaction
    • Design incorporates a number of safety features preventing equipment overload and ensures no one works under a suspended load
    • Modular easy connect components stored in a heavy duty protective case

      Mechanical Conveyor Belt Lifters

      • Rated to a 1T dynamic lift capacity. Suitable for belt widths of 900mm to 1500mm for both 35˚ and 45˚ trough angles
      • Raises the belt in 30-35 seconds using a high torque, low RPM driver
      • Singular frame design can be positioned and operated on raised single walkway or when access is restricted in situations such as tunnels
      • 2T static load capacity with a self-supporting anti reversing design allows a belt maintainer to safely work under the raised belt

      Lifting Beams


      • Available in 1 or 1.5 Ton capacity across a range of belt sizes
      • Designed for flat belts or contoured to fit v-return belts
      • Fabricated to AS1654-2004 with full project traceability and Quality Control
      • Proof load tested to twice the rated capacity by a NATA approved specialist
      • Fitted with unique product identification plates and is marked in bold, easy to read working load limit (WLL)


      For further information download our product brochure – Lorbrand Conveyor Belt Lifters & Beams

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