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    Lorbrand Australia composite wind guards are designed to in accordance with AS1170 and are designed to be fitted along a conveyor system to shield the belt from the adverse effects of wind and act as a secondary guard to minimise the risk of contact with the conveyor during operation.

    The benefits of composite conveyor wind guards include:

    • Prevent wind induced tracking issues, or belt lift when the belt is being operated unladen.
    • Minimise product loss, through less wind shear across the conveyor belt.
    • Corrosion-resistant for use in wet areas, for corrosive products and costal/marine areas (wharf belts)
    • For use around conveyor tramp metal magnets and discriminators
    • Used on conveyors with tracking issues, where traditional steel wind guards may damage the belt in the event of belt drift.
    • Don’t bend in high winds or from maintenance personnel pulling on them during idler change outs.
    • No sharp edges, minimising the risk of injury
    • All composite wind guards are 100% recyclable

    All composite wind guards are manufactured in accordance with the below,

    • UV stabilisers
    • In accordance with AS1170

    Our conveyor wind guards come in the following sizes and are supplied with nuts, bolts and washers either in galvanised or stainless steel.

    • 400mm x 285mm
    • 580mm x 430mm
    • 760mm x 430mm
    • Custom sizes on request

    For further information on our conveyor wind guards contact us today.

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